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Rock Bottom Somatic Cell Count

Milk tastes better, and cows feel better, when we keep the somatic cell count down.

Somatic cells are produced at the earliest beginnings of infection. When the count is high, it means a cow has an infection. It also means milk doesn't taste as good, and is less nutritious.

Dairies producing Grade A milk are only required to maintain a somatic cell count of under 750,000/mL. But even at 300,000/mL, cows are infected with pathogens. At Hill-Over Healthy & Fresh, our count is currently down to only 60,000/mL. That's a big difference!

You can taste that difference in our milk. And you can drink our milk knowing we only include milk from healthy cows when we stock our store or make deliveries to your homes.

If you'd like to learn more, take a look at this article from the Cornell Cooperative Extension.

A Nutritionist Works With Our Cows

Our cows are so important to us. We employ Mallory, a nutritionist, to keep them as healthy as they can be.

Mallory visits us every two weeks to test everything our cows eat to determine their nutritional value. She also tests our cows to find out what they are unable to digest. She then uses specialized software to analyze her data and tells us what to do to improve their diet.

We adjust our cows’ diet regularly to insure they are getting food optimal for their well-being. Of course, this passes right on down to our customers — fresh, nutritious milk from healthy cows.

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